Food As Commodity & Communication Strategy

Client: My Berries
Designers: Alexandra Dolan, William Challis, Hannah Ison, Maeve Lejeu

Responsive website proposal 

The Condition of Food Systems

The current industrialised and globalised food provision while considered highly efficient in some regards, is problematic in most. Methods of mass-production have caused  countless implications, such as global economic inequality, urban migration, acceptance of over-consumption and food waste, and the anthropocentric idea of domination over nature, are just some of the present concerns. The current condition acts as a hindrance on small farms and businesses. The appreciation of localised food production is missing from modern society.

Proposed Communication Strategy

The purpose of this project was to discover communication strategies that could potentially influence the public’s perception of food, and generate a better appreciation for local food production, through the platform of My Berries’ website and the urban farm gate shop. The findings suggest that appreciation for local food production is missing from modern society. Through further investigation, it became obvious to us that the content on the My Berries website does not effectively communicate the sustainable and local nature of the My Berries farming processes, therefore missing a valuable chance for education and engagement. The website and its embedded blog is a valuable tool for engaging current supporters and capturing the attention of new community members. The maintenance involves little time and effort relative to the audience it reaches.

The Communication Strategy

My Berries Urban Farm Gate: bringing sustainably farmed strawberries & raspberries from My Berries’ local farm to Brisbane’s urban markets
From our farm to your hands... Providing quality, sustainable products is the most important aspect of My Berries. Allison and Stuart strive to ensure the berries they sell to their customers and supporters are fresh, being hand-picked and packed the day before, or the same day of the markets.

What is the Urban Farm Gate? The Urban Farm Gate is a new shop front that enables local farmers to bring you our hand-grown produce sustainably and efficiently. The shop is a semi permanent, mobile structure made from a repurposed shipping container. We are currently located in the front of Plenty, a popular Brisbane cafe that practice seasonal and sustainable food production. With Plenty in the background, together, we hope to accentuate why local and sustainable food is important.

What does ‘local food’ really mean? Fresh food produced within the community by your community, meaning your dollar goes to an individual, company or organisation that is part of your immediate economy. This means the farmer or representative you are purchasing the berries from are greatly informed about the produce and can share this information with you.

What does ‘eating seasonally’ mean? If you eat ‘seasonally’, you are eating during the time of year that the produce is naturally at its best in regards to harvest, taste, and nutritional value. The food is also cheaper as its production is in full swing, grown in it’s natural production season, and consumed within the same climatic zone, rather than being frozen or imported.

Why does our community need an Urban Farm Gate Shop? The growing globalisation of the food industry has continued to place an emphasis on the financial value of food.Our community needs to re-evaluate the current food system, and shift our support, in order to nurture the environment and our local farmers. Encouraging this change will in turn benefit you and the food networks surrounding you. the agricultural industry is currently working against local economies and farmers that rely on growing fresh food as a livelihood. The industry supports big farmers, big businesses and profit above quality, freshness and sustainability. This shift from local to global has created a variety of consequences including changing our perspectives of what we eat and where it comes from.